Month: September 2015

When to say leishev

Hey all, the mitzvah of “living” in the sukkah is pretty straightforward, but the question of when to recite the brakha of leishev can be confusing. Below are some FAQs on the topic: Shermanizing Q: If I have a lunch

Things to keep in mind: Chol HaMoed

Hey all, As we transition from Yom Tov to Chol HaMoed, here are just some things to keep in mind: Insert ya’aleh ve’yavo in your davening. If you forget ya’aleh v’yavo, you have to go back to to retzei and

ORA Campus Fellowship 2015-2016

ORA (they visited last spring!) decided is accepting applications from Brandeis students for their new campus fellowship! Deadline is Oct 11th, so get shaking!

Hilkhot Sukkot 5776

Hilkhot Rosh Hashana 5776

Every year I publish a handy dandy cheat sheet before each holiday. Below you’ll find this year’s guide to Rosh Hashana. Please enjoy, and wishes for a happy and healthy new year from our family to yours!