Meet the interns 2015-2016

Vanessa Chalem

Vanessa was born in Bogota, Colombia and grew up in Miami, FL since she was 6 years old,and also lived in Raanana, Israel with her family when she was in 8th grade. Vanessa is very passionate about her Jewish Latino roots and enjoys learning about her peers’ diverse upbringings and what unites them- their love for Judaism!

Vanessa is now a Senior at Brandeis University majoring in Business and Computer Science. She is very passionate about Jewish life on campus and is looking forward to being one of this year’s JLIC Interns! When not in class Vanessa wishes she could be on the ski slopes all day, something that being a Floridian you would have never guessed! Apart from that, Vanessa can be found going for a jog with her favorite Torah podcasts at hand, teaching coding to youngsters, swimming, or socializing at the dining hall, as we Brandeisians like to call it – Shermanizing.

OU-JLIC has played an important role in Vanessa’s time at Brandeis and she is excited to be working closely with the Pardos and being part of their amazing new initiatives! Vanessa looks forward to the learning opportunities that OU-JLIC will be offering this year and to helping OU-JLIC continue to grow at Brandeis.

Ben Margolin

Ben was born in beautiful Baldwin, NY, on the south shore of Long Island. Back on Lawn-Guy-Land, Ben enjoys spending time with his brother, eating steak, and long walks on the beach. His strong conception of Zionism, coupled with his religious beliefs, make him a pretty typical Yid.

Ben is now a Junior at Brandeis that is majoring in Politics (not political science; we’re too hipster for that), and minoring in History. We are glad that Ben is going to be one of our OU-JLIC interns before he goes off to Italy. He will hopefully bring with him his dedication to our Jewish community, and his love of Am Yisrael, to our daily OU-JLIC programming. While not in the Beit Midrash, Ben can be found in Sherman, making a ruckus in the Student Union, or editing Torat Emet during BIPAC meetings.

OU-JLIC at Brandeis has been instrumental in Ben’s spiritual and religious growth throughout his college experience, and he is looking forward to bringing these experiences to other students. He can’t wait to meet all of you, so please feel free to introduce yourself!

Ben Margolin

Vanessa Chalem

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