Meet the Educators

R David and AriRabbi David and Ariel Pardo, native Angelinos, moved to Waltham in August ’13, ready to pound some pavement!

Rabbi David Pardo received his BA from UCLA and his ordination from Yeshiva University, with supplementary education from the Isralight Institute and Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future. He realized as an undergrad that working on a college campus was the place to be, and OU-JLIC was the greatest way to do it. He’s lived in different corners of the world (San Diego, Toronto, Long Island, Jerusalem…Waltham), working with different populations of young adults to build supercharged Jewish communities. Rabbi Pardo loves learning meaningful things, schmoozing about interesting things, eating (and making) spicy things, biking, fine tea brewing and parenting with his awesome wife.

Ariel Pardo attended YULA high school and went to UCLA, graduating cum laude with a degree in Anthropology. She studied in Nishmat’s Alisa Flatow program for post-college students. While in Yeshiva University’s Gruss Campus in Israel, Ariel completed a certificate program from Machon Puah’s Women’s Health Training, learned Hilkhot Taharat Mishpacha under the guidance of Yoetzet Leora Bednarsh and completed extended studies in YU’s Midrashiya program. She met David as an undergrad at UCLA while participating together in OU-JLIC programs and has traveled the globe in search of great tea (and Jewish things, too). Ariel enjoys learning Tanach, watching American musicals, drinking fine tea, chilling out with students, and adoring her daughters.

BUT DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! Check out this video we made when we first moved to campus:

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