Thanks for taking part in the search process for the Brandeis’s fifth OU-JLIC couple. We are intent on finding the right match, so you can do your part by:

  • Showing up to public events, and
  • Filling out a feedback form

Here’s a link to the formhttp://tinyurl.com/deissearch17

Couple #3: R’ Jeremy and Irit Block

His resume | Her resume


6:30-7:30 Mincha and Maariv with a joint Halacha shiur in Berlin Chapel
7:00-8:00 Open dinner in Sherman
8:00-9:00 Townhall in Berlin Chapel
9:00-10:00 Back to back shiurim
10:00 Ben Notis gives senior mishmar
Post Mishmar Cholent and Chill

Couple #2: R’ Yediya and Moriyah Naveh

His resume | Her resume

Interview Videos

Shiur + Townhall

Couple #1: R’ Isaac and Tal Attia

His resume | Her resume

Interview Videos

Townhall | Shiurim

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