Summer and Post-College Opportunities

Trying to figure out how to spend your summer? Or looking for something meaningful to do after you graduate? Well here’s a great reference page to hear about what’s available out there! Bookmark and refer back often, we’ll update as we hear about new things!

Summer programs

▷ OU-JLIC Summer in Jerusalem: ultimate yeshiva + internship combo

▷ JUSTIFI: Social Justice Trip to Thailand with JLIC

▷ Birthright with JLIC

▷ Enterprise Israel

▷ Germany Close Up

▷ The Spirit of Jewish Nationalism, a Tikvah summer program

▷ Nishmat Summer Institute

▷ Drisha Summer Kollel

▷ Center for Modern Torah Leadership Summer Beit Midrash

▷ Shapell’s

▷ jInternship

▷ Pardes Summer

▷ The Justus & Karin Rosenberg Foundation — $$$ if you already have a mission-driven internship

Longer term programs

▷ Eshkolot: The Matan Educators Institute for Tanakh and Judaic Studies

▷ Yeshivat Machanayim – Ohr Torah Stone Post Undergraduate Yeshiva Program

▷ OU Advocacy – Political Lobbying in DC

▷ Pardes Big Ideas / Ikarim

▷ JobMob: list of job and internship opportunities in Israel