Coffee on Campus

Campus has several places to get caffeinated.

NOTE: none of these places are certified or supervised. All of the observations below were made by politely looking through their facilities, but they can change their ingredients at any time. Please keep your eyes open and let Rabbi Pardo know if you see something you think not so kosher (pun intended).

NOTE 2: this list only applies to Brandeis. Our Starbucks, for instance, is known as a “kiosk” Starbucks and features a very limited range of offerings.

Dunkin Donuts

All drinks are kosher. See this page for more details.


The Fraps are not kosher. Other drinks are. None of the food is kosher.


All drinks made on site are kosher, including the packaged lemonades. Anything packaged must be checked for a hekhsher. None of the food is kosher, including bagels etc.


All drinks are kosher. (You didn’t know there was a Peet’s, did you?)