Eruv Map

(scroll down for map) Our little but storied eruv is something we as a community should rightly treasure. It was established during the 1982-1983 school year by Rabbi Meir Sendor, the then-Orthodox adviser (the precursor to the OU-JLIC position), and it placed Brandeis with Yeshiva University as the only college campuses in the country with a campus-specific eruv at that time. Its supervision was handed down to the Orthodox advisors through the decades, always working with a team of dedicated students (I am now friends with an eruv checker, class of 1990…that’s before BOO was established!) But for some three decades, the eruv was limited to campus, and now, nearly overnight (just kidding, eruv expansions do NOT happen overnight), the eruv has doubled in size.

As part of this expansion, our eruv now joins the Greater Boston Eruv Corporation, under the able leadership of Dr. Jesse Hefter, who manages nearly every eruv in New England.

The path of the eruv extension on the South side goes down from X-lot to the train tracks, over the tracks, behind the Brandeis building on Turner Street, a little bit down Hartwell, takes a right down Morton St, left on Sunnyside over to and across South Street, winds through those streets to end up behind Grad (Charles River Apts), snakes along the Mt Feake Cemetery fence, and then crosses the railroad once more to join the school fence.

On the North-East side, ie my house, care should be taken not to walk on Florence Rd, as the eruv runs along the only phone polls on the street, which are on the same side as the house.

But don’t take my word for any of this information. Here’s a map:

Brandeis Eruv 5775

Interested in volunteerism? Want to know more about how eruvin, the string that binds us all together, work? Contact us about being on the eruv committee!